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The Our Friend Christopher footprint is growing in our community; from awarding college scholarships to deserving athletes, to giving back to to the community in multiple ways.  Take a look at what we have been up to.


To date, Our Friend Christopher has given five scholarships to deserving athletes at North Gwinnett High School; two football players and three basketball players. 

The 2021 Football Scholarshiop was awarded to Johnathan Hamm, pictured below.

The 2020 Football Scholarship was awarded to DJ Cameron.

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To date, Our Friend Christopher has given five scholarships to deserving athletes at North Gwinnett High School; two football players and three basketball players. 


Gunnar Carlberg and Jordan Watson were the recipients of the 2022 Our Friend Christopher Basketball Scholarships.  

Kiara Simpson received the scholarship in 2021.



The annual volley ball tournament is a favorite fundraiser for our community.  100% of the funds raised go towards supporting charitable activities in the community. 

Our next Volley Ball Tournament  June 11 



Our Friend Christopher supports the  education and science of pediatric brain tumors; specificlly Glioblastoma.   The Glioblastoma foundation's mission is to transform the standard of care of Glioblastoma therapy and improve a patients quality  and quanity of life. 

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Our Friend Christopher Miles was featured in Suwannee Magazine in November 2020 in

"4 Great Ways to Give Back".   Check it out !

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During the month of April and May, The Miles Family partnered with the National Brain Tumor Society and The Allicance for Childhood Cancer and  Headed to the Hill sharing Christopher's Story, talking about the

Our Friend Christopher Charity and advocatng  for additional funding for Childhood

Cancer and Brain Tumor Cancer.   


1  They asked Congress to Reauthorize the STAR ACT, the most comprehensive childhood cancer act in history

2.  They asked Congress to Cosponsor the Accelerating Kids' Access To Care ACT which reduces regulatory burdens that allow children with cancer to gain speedy out of state care

3.  They urged Congress to so-sponsor the Stop the Wait ACT.  This bill would ensure brain tumor patients and other patients with urgent financial and medical needs, get the SSDI and Medicare benefits they have earned.

4.  They asked Congress to expand the NCI Glioblastoma Theapeutic Network to provide a minimum of 30 millioin annual budget

5.  They asked Congress to increase the National Cancer Society Budget to 7.7 Billion. 

These are all critical bills to ensure progress is made for people impacted by Brain Tumors or Cancer.



For two years now, Still fire Brewery has been brewing up a craft beer for Christopher   

"The Legend" Miles.  This has been one of the most fun and engaging Fundraisers for us and the community.   

The Our Friend Christopher team joins the Still Fire brewmasters in the brewing process and the canning process.   This Event draws hundreds of beer drinkers throughout our community.    

Join us for the Next Legend Party on

July 30th, 2022

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Each year the WSB Care-a-thon raises funds to benefit the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center of Childrens Hospital of Atlanta. The Care-a-thon funds family support services, research and the Fellowship program at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center.

 Our Friend Christopher is honored to be part of  the Care-a-thon. by manning the phones during The Christopher hour and by sharing Christopher's  story.  



Chirldren with peciatric cancer spend hours in hospitals and in chemotherapy rooms.  Our Friend Christopher Memorial Charity donated new games and activities to fill the Aflac Chemotherapy room at the Childrens Hospital in Atlanta hoping to bring joy and comfort to children during their treatment.

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Serving families that have children with pediatric adversities is a small gesture that Our Friend Christopher can do for others.  Impacting  the betterment of others lives embodies the characteristics of Our Friend , Christopher Miles.

Gold Ribbon


May is Brain Tumor Awarenss Month.  During the month of May,  Our Friend Christopher  spreads awareness about brain tumors and the importance of early detection as well as supports and honors pediatric brain tumor patients in the community.  Check out our social media page for awareness videos and action 

or check out some facts from the Nationa Brain Tumor Society regarding brain tumors

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